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Free2Link Report (data)

1. Job location of respondents

2. Job sector of respondents

3. Area of expareas of expertise of the respondents

4. social groups with which respondents have worked

5. How informed are you in regards to the phenomenon of human trafficking?

6. Level of knowledge on e-trafficking of respondents

7. Do you believe that the internet and social media facilitate human trafficking?

8. Based on your knowledge, which of the following groups are more vulnerable to e-trafficking?

9. Are you aware of any tools used for the recruitment-trafficking-exploitation of persons through the Internet and/or social media?

10. If yes, which tools are you aware that are used the most to facilitate e-trafficking?

11. In your opinion, for what purpose is e-trafficking used?

12. Which payment method are you aware of that is used frequently for e-trafficking?

13. Are you aware of what the dark/deep web is?

14. The phenomenon of e-trafficking is relevant to sexual exploitation.

15. In your opinion, how much did the COVID-19 pandemic impact e-trafficking?

16. Would you find it helpful to receive additional training on human trafficking and/or e-trafficking and how to identify, manage and prevent relevant incidents?

17. Which skills do you consider essential for identifying, managing and preventing trafficking/e-trafficking?